Carla Fracci

Great artists find forms of expression for their individuality, striving to reach a state of transcendence in their artistic works while always exhibiting that desire to improve so true to human experience. ”My life is a dance,” Carla Fracci states exuberantly, yet...

Rafael Amargo “Poesia en Movimiento”

by Viviana Puello – ATIM se reunió con Rafael Amargo en Barcelona para una entrevista “Art 2 Heart” exclusiva, realizada por nuestra editor en jefe, Viviana Puello. El famoso bailaor de Flamenco, coreógrafo, actor y galardonado director de cine Rafael Amargo...

Rafael Amargo – Amazing Behind the Scenes!

Shot in Barcelona, Spain by photographer Iván Hidalgo and a great creative team, the image for the cover of the ArtTour International Magazine Spring 2015 Issue featuring Rafael Amargo came to life with the sharing of a vision to capture in these images the essence of...
Carla Fracci



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