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Kyra Belan

Kyra Belan


Born and raised in the U.S, artist, writer, and activist, Yadira Roman embraces her passion for the arts in a broad scope of career paths. Director of the ATIM “Create4Peace” program, Roman is an advocate for the arts and creates events and opportunities to promote arts and culture to children in underprivileged areas through outreach programs.

About the Artist

Kyra Belan

Kyra Belán is an award-winning artist, activist, and academic. Her art is grounded on environmental, social, and political issues, reaching a collective of crowds as her work has been used in political campaigns advocating for women’s rights. She unapologetically asserts her devotion to women’s rights through metaphorical depictions of idols that comment on violence, and female oppression. She depicts women as the compelling, independent protagonists of the story.

Kyra Belan

“Climate Strike (Greta Thunberg) “, Drawing, colored pencil 30”x 22”

“During the four decades of my career as an academic and social issues activist, I have been producing art that brings attention to these issues. At this time, our Mother Earth is experiencing significant climate change problems that have been aggravated to the point of being critical to her survival. I feel that artists have an obligation to fight for Mother Earth, and plan to continue to create art that supports these vital issues. She is the only Mother we have, and she creates us out of her fertile body. We must pull all our forces together to act on her behalf.

Many of my artworks, whether paintings, drawings, mixed or installations, are about social issues, and the use of color to create a certain mood or enhance a particular meaning always takes place. My colors are often intense, although the range and the nuances to convey a feeling depend on the subject matter. I try to capture and enhance the beauty of colors that Mother Earth creates.

My art has always been about the beauty, majesty, and omnipotence of our planet, Mother Earth, and about the myths, symbols, and legends through the centuries that have celebrated our planet as the divine Mother. My love for her, and her beautiful animals and plants are always represented in my artworks. Whether they are created on an easel, as an installation, generated on the computer, as land art, or as performance art, these artistic expressions are always about her, the divine feminine, and about women that help preserve her, or help promote the well being of the planet and the beneficial matriarchal environments for all.

Kyra Belán

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Kyra Belan



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