Aase Birkhaug

Aase Birkhaug

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Aase Birkhaug
Aase Birkhaug

Norweigan botany focused Painter and Physiotherapist, Aase Birkhaug puts her best foot forward to shed some light on the calming properties of Roses. She uses a complimenting soft palette that includes various media such as Aquarelle, Tempera, Gouache, Oil, Acrylics, and Pastels. Birkhaug exhibits a rich infusion of layers in conjunction with rich textures, often using gold as the symbolic representation for the delicate and elegant flower. Birkhaug effectively partners a sense of dreamlike images with a true to life, realistic experience for her audience.

Aase Birkhaug

“Heavenly Roses a Rendezvous”, Tempera Painting on Canvas with Gold Flakes, 12” x 16”

Birkhaug often depicts harmonious blends of warm and earthy tones, creating a moment of tranquil observation for her audience. Her intricate detailed lining evokes the memory of silk-like pedals, therapeutic rose scent, and warm hues. With a keen eye for light, it is a special moment when caught on her canvas, an invitation to look deeper. With her background in therapy, Birkhaug holds excellent knowledge about the unique effects of Roses; she thoughtfully chooses each tone intending to use it as a tool for color healing therapy. Her work is both intuitive and structured with a lavish delivery in the depth of her paintings and her narrative.

“We often search for the answers to our questions and believe the complicated answer to be the solution to the complicated question. It is not always that way, if we use the words and quotation of the English association of healers: healing is gentle, simple, and effective”-Aase Birkhaug.

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