Abhishek Tuiwala

About The Artist

For the New York-based artist Abhishek Tuiwala creating mesmerizing layered multi-media work with exquisite and precise technique is a channel where he can metaphorically connect multicultural, generational, and intimate human experiences into one expression. Having received his M.F.A. (Sculpture) from Pratt Institution, Brooklyn, New York, Tuiwala is known for his narrative dimensions. His style is derived from the intersection of installation art, sculpting, and drawing. His works reflect on his experiences immigrating to the U.S. from India and allowing his art to be as bold as his life choices.

His most recent works, such as “The Shield” and “The Path,” display a large scale and elegant play form positioning accessible materials as a symbolic invitation into his life. One glance at his work and one will step into socio-economic conversations from the perspective of a passionate artist transitioning from the first 25 years of his life in India to a culture shock and adjustment in the U.S.

Tuiwala’s installation “The Path” exhibits a conceptual approach, using wooden planks to represent each conscious step in his life across borders, both socially and economically. The wood is layered and positioned in different hues and directions, visibly challenging when viewed symbolically. Exhibiting “The Shield,” made up of 624 soap bars, was of importance for Tuiwala to discuss how an item so often overlooked as a vital piece of our lives turned out to be one of the most sought out products during the spread of covid-19. Raised to honor the ‘little things in life, Tuiwala has a knowledgeable connection to the materials in this exhibit through his upbringing. With an impressive background in his education and experience, he pushes forward to pave his own path as a creatively fueled mind.

– Abhishek Tuiwala


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