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Anne Grandin
Anne Grandin

“Masaii Youth”,  36” x 48”

Anne Grandin

Anne Grandin’s work is represented in many collections throughout the United States and Europe, Anne has a unique sense of color and design. Her work is influenced by Native American Spirituality and the realization that all life exists in harmony with one another. Her work is organic and she uses earthy colors that work in harmony and balance with one another. Anne’s paintings are spiritual and based on the Native American Faith Circle. She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Art Education from Boston University and previously was head of the Art Department at several local schools.

“Movement and harmony are important to me. My work is spiritual and I try to raise anyone looking at my work to a higher, emotional level.”

Grandin’s works can be best described as an abstract expressionist, her primary media of choice are oil paint and acrylic on canvas, though she may occasionally use charcoal on paper. An astute mastery of color is instantly recognizable in her paintings. A careful selection of various hues and skillful blending of gradients create a dazzling combination of both realism and mysticism rife with emotion.With organic shapes and lush colors, Grandin depicts the movement and harmony of natural forms in their spiritual essence. The shifting and ebbing of these shapes portray a supernatural euphony; her drawings culminate in a simple message of peace.

In April of 2014 Anne released her iBook “Circle of Life – A Spiritual Journey of an artist and her message of Peace”, which is available on iTunes.

Anne Grandin

“Source of the Nile”, 24” x 36”


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