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Professional Artist Websites 

Get a website that looks as amazing as your art!

Impact your customer’s journey and convert leads. Your website is your most essential tool, get it done by professionals.

artist websites

Artist Websites That Increase Your Sales and Convert.

ArtTour International creates simple but effective artist websites that meet your needs. We take into account the ease of use, SEO, responsiveness of the sector of your company.

To maximize your chances of conversion, you need a website easy to navigate. One that presents your art and your brand with a modern and sleek look. We also keep in mind other factors, like loading speed and design. Your team of dedicated to Web Development would be happy to hear from you!

WordPress is the largest CMS system in the world and has no less than 27 million live websites on the Internet. The great ease of use of this platform undoubtedly plays an important role in this. Due to the wide range of topics, virtually no coding knowledge is required. The low price and good search capabilities for search engines give WordPress an additional advantage to qualify.

Your website is your most essential tool, get it done by professionals.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

barbara tyler “ATIM has done a wonderful job in building my audience as a professional artist and my e-commerce business with Alexandra Ahlfield known as "Sisumoi". ATIM’s fresh and creative postings across the social media platforms quickly increased my media followers and promoted my business with far more market penetration that I would have been able to accomplish.”
"Wow! Wonderful and creative marketing" LEARN MORE Barbara Tyler Ahlfield
alison barrows young “I’m delighted to be affiliated with Viviana Puello, an extremely talented art and media visionary, who is dedicated to promoting inclusive, multi-cultural expressions of globally urgent themes. Developing an ongoing relationship with ATIM, is to become involved with an active and thoughtful art representative that holds a strong worldwide presence. Their consistently aesthetic presentation brings attention to every edition in such a way that successfully utilizes their unique ability and position of authority to spotlight their chosen artists. These magazines enable artists attract prospective buyers and professional opportunities. Partnering with ATIM is an excellent way to roll up your sleeves and get active with the process of self-promotion. It is a way to increase the responsibility every artist must make to project a confident, enthusiastic and motivated attitude about one's artistic career.” "A Worldwide Reach Like no Other! " LEARN MORE Alison Barrows Young Jim Fitzpatrick "Today my artwork and photography gallery passed 900,000 Visitors! I want to thank Viviana Puello and ArtTour International for all their help, support and international coverage they have given me these past few years in order to help me reach that landmark! They have also played a big part in my growth as an artist. ArtTour International ROCKS!!!" "Amazing exposure. ArtTour International Rocks!!! " LEARN MORE Jim Fitzpatrick gloria keh “I am old school. In fact quite a dinosaur when it comes to the internet, but am blessed to have the amazing support of the ATIM Team. Both Viviana and Yadira have gone far more than that extra mile to assist me. I truly appreciate their kindness, understanding, and professionalism but most of all, their warm warm hearts. It is always a pleasure working with ATIM. Thanks so much for always being there for me. God bless.” "Supportive, Kind and Warm Customer Service!" LEARN MORE Gloria Keh JEAN JAQUES PORRET “The abstract feeling or idea of my sculptures is nicely communicated thru the ATIM Magazine, promoting them over the past 5 years.”

"Excellent quality!" LEARN MORE Jean Jaques Porret
Lois Sattler "Last week I was Artist of the Week for ArtTour International…Full week of Social Media Campaigns. When I was invited to do this, I had no expectations, but I thought, what do I have to lose… Well, not only was it wonderful to work with the team of ArtTour International, but the presentation was spectacular!!!
I received sales, new clients, and a new gallery to represent me! I could not have asked for more…"

LEARN MORE Lois Sattler "Social Media with Incredible Results"
NATALIA ORLOWSKI "Thank you very much for letting me convey my message of love to nature and mother earth. fertility symbol."

"I Love Their Environmental Cause!" LEARN MORE Natalia Orlowski

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