What you need to know about the exciting Emerald ARTYA Awards!

Emerald ARTYA Awards Celebrating Artists Who Create With A Purpose New York, NY - Art Tour International has just announced that it will be presenting its annual Emerald Arty Award Ceremony to honor artists who create with a purpose. The awards will be presented at a...

Johanna Wray

About the ArtistJohanna Wray Nothing commands change more than understanding the true environmental struggles we face. Our world is hurting. There isn’t a shortage of global conservation groups or topics to support. From deforestation to global warming, we know that...

John Denis, ArtTour International Star of the Week!

About the ArtistJohn Denis I have been a full-time working artist for over 25 years exhibiting in over 100 juried art shows throughout the U.S. Currently living back in Miami where I originally began the glass medium, I feel at home and renewed. My work is a...

Carla Fracci, A Legend Leaves On, Her Joy for the Arts of Ballet Placed Her As Number One!

Carla Fracci dedicated her life to art! Great artists find forms of expression for their individuality, striving to reach a state of transcendence in their artistic works while always exhibiting that desire to improve so true to human experience. ”My life is a dance,”...

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