A special celebration in collaboration with Artists For A Green Planet to honor artists working with the environment in mind.  This Award Ceremony will take place during the annual exhibition "Wonders Of Our Universe" organized by Artists For A Green Planet www.artistsforagreenplanet.org.


You have already been selected for this prestigious award and you are invited to the exhibition "Wonders Of our Universe" to receive your award and exhibit your works.  

The awarded artists will be published in a special article of the ArtTour International Magazine Fall issue "Artists For A Green Planet".  Terms of participation:

Participation includes: 

  • Your works published in the special print & digital issue of ArtTour International Fall 2018 “Artists For A Green Planet.”

  • Exhibition of one artwork from Nov 8th to Dec 2nd at the Viviana Puello Gallery in New York in the show "Wonders Of Our Universe.” Grand opening reception Nov 8th at 6 pm.

  • ARTYA Award and Award Certificate with "Artists For A Green Planet" Official seal & honorary membership at the Artists For A Green Planet website for a period of a year www.artistsforagreenplanet.org

  • Certification and Award Ceremony. Presented in collaboration with New York Arts & Culture Council, Vivid Arts Network, Manhattan Neighborhood Networks Television, Artists For A Green Planet and Create4Peace.

  • A spectacular video production, an environmental conservation documentary including the art and story of awarded artists. The documentary will air at the ArtTour International TV Show at MNN-HD New York‚ Spectrum 1993. Outside of New York Livestream at the MNN-HD and via Youtube outside of New York.

  • Award Ceremony Broadcast during the special show "Wonders Of Our Universe" at the ArtTour International T.V. Show in MNN Spectrum 1993.


Registration Deadline: September 10th 2018

Magazine publication date: October 28th, 2018

Exhibition dates: November 8th - December 2nd, 2018

ARTYA Awards Ceremony: November 8th, 2018 6:00 pm

Documentary Video Production Broadcast Air Date at MNN-HD: December 22nd 5:30 pm

Awarded Artist’s Social Media Announcements start: October 28th, 2018


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  • Susan McCollough
    It has been an honor to be apart of Viviana Puello and the staff of The Art Tour International Magazine. Meeting all the International Artists, being in Florence Italy, attending the Award Ceremony, selected in the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art, selected "Artist of the Year" and being on the cover of A.T.I.M. was a memorable time for me in my art career. It is a privilege to be associated with such an astounding organization and wonderful talented artists. I genuinely thank you!
    Susan McCollough



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