Great success for the fifth edition of the ATIM Masters Award.
The masters of contemporary art rewarded in the cradle of the Renaissance. The ceremony took place on May 27th at the Auditorium at the Duomo in Florence. It’s the biggest event of the year for ArtTour International Magazine, the world’s most representative magazine in the field of art.

In the frame of the Auditorium at the Duomo, sixty artists gathered in Florence for the award ceremony, the ArtTour International Magazine’s flagship event that attracts artists and art enthusiasts from all over the world.

The awarded artists were selected from among the artists published in the annual ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art curated by Viviana Puello, an internationally renowned personality in the art world, founder and Editor-in-Chief of ArtTour International Magazine. Puello is also an artist; for this reason, she wanted to create a unique award for her colleagues; A sculpture entitled “Flying Above” that carries the appearance of an angel with open wings, made of porcelain and 24-carat gold plated. Sculpture embodies all that ArtTour International Magazine represents.

Awards presented include the ATIM Masters Inspiration Award which goes once a year to a professional master artist who has had over twenty years of consistent career success and recognition. The winner of the ATIM Master Inspiration Award is an artist who has reached a global level of recognition and now serves as a role model to give hope and inspiration to other artists. This year's ATIM Master Inspiration Award goes to Fabian Perez, one of the most influential and critically acclaimed artists to have emerged from Argentina during the last decades.

"ATIM Masters Award" and "ATIM Artist Of The Year Award" presented to Susan McCollough, for her image “New York, New York,” an award-winning expressionist-abstract work featured on the cover of the publication. "ATIM Masters Award" and "Featured Photographer Of 2018" go to Riya Sharma (India), awarded for “Talking Eyes” a photography featured on the back cover.

A special career award "Premio Alla Carriera" was presented to Katrin Alvarez (Germany), considered one of the best contemporary surrealist artists.

The "ATIM Journey In Photography Award" was presented to Aldo Basili from Italy and Shifra Leviathan from Israel.

For their great contribution and devotion to promoting global peace through his works of art, ArtTour International Magazine and "Create 4 Peace" are very honored to present the title of “ATIM Messenger Of Peace” to Ed Moret, Stefan Duncan, and O Yemi Tubi. Create 4 Peace is a program designed to reduce the transgenerational transmission of pain and suffering, utilizing art to impact the imagination and creativity of people to transmit love, peace, and personal responsibility.

The "ATIM Masters Awards" for 2018 were presented to artists Alejandro Carrillo (Mexico), Anna Paola Gorozpe Perezpria (Mexico), Banjerd Lekkong (Thailand), Carlos Aranha (Ecuador), Clare Page (New Zealand/Australia), Cornelia Steckhan (Romania), Donna Bonin (Canada), Ed Moret (USA), Edgar Francisko Jimenez (Colombia), Fatima Al obaidi (Ira), Hema Thakur (India), Kate Taylor (Canada), Kay Griffith (USA), Jani Jan J (Sweden), L Ramachandran (India), Liana Gor/Goroian (USA), Lisa Levasseur (USA), Liz Brownrigg (Canada), Mark Lenn Johnson (USA), Mitch Barrett (England), O. Yemi Tubi (Nigeria), Roberta Grewcock, (USA), Rosemarie Armstrong (Canada), Seppo Kari (Sweden), Sho Tsunoda (Japan), Sonia Domingues (Portugal), Sveta Long (Russia), William Downey (Ireland).

The ceremony started with music by Florentine cellist Ginevra Pruneti and the voices of the Three Tenors.

ATIM Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art 2017


ATIM Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2017

Awarded Artists:

Artist Of The Year 2017 ATIM Masters Award – Front Cover Artist:

Susan McCollough

Susan McCollough 1


Back Cover Artist 2017 ATIM Masters Award:

Riya Sharma

Riya Sharma 1


Journey In Photography Award:

Aldo Basili – Shifra Levyathan

Aldo Basili 1 Shifra Levyathan 1


Create 4 Peace 2017 – Messenger Of Peace:

Edward J. Moret – Stefan Duncan – O. Yemi Tubi

Edward J. Morét 1 Stefan Duncan 1 O. Yemi Tubi 1 

ATIM Masters Awards

Alejandro Carrillo – Anna Paola Gorozpe Perezpria – Banjerd Lekkong – Carlos Aranha – Clare Page – Cornelia Steckhan – Donna Bonin – Edward J. Moret – Edgar Francisko Jimenez – Fatima Al Obaidi – Frans Frengen – Hema Thakur – Kate Taylor – Katrin Alvarez – Kay Griffith – Jani Jan J – L. Ramachandran – Liana Gor/Goroian – Lisa Levasseur – Liz Brownrigg – Mark Lenn Johnson – Mitch Barrett – O. Yemi Tubi – Riya Sharma – Roberta Grewcock – Rosemarie Armstrong – Seppo Kari – Shifra Levyathan – Sho Tsunoda – Sonia Domingues – Sveta Long – Susan McCollough – William Downey


ATIM Master Inspiration Award:

Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez 1






  •  Viviana Puello - Editor-in-Chief, ArtTour International Magazine
    We are ecstatic to introduce to the public our highly- anticipated and ground-breaking new issue – a testament to our dedication and involvement with some of the most talented and inspiring artists operating in the world today; our award winning publication ATIM’s Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art 2017! With this our fourth edition, we thank and celebrate the figures making an impact in today’s international art world. This special edition book is brimming with the creations of some of the world’s most awe- inspiring artists – an eclectic mixture that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone! Enjoy this magnificent selection of art!
    Viviana Puello - Editor-in-Chief, ArtTour International Magazine

Submit your works today for our 2018 issue!

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The ATIM’s Masters Certificate are presented to each one of our Top 60 Master artists, in recognition for their career achievement and great contribution to fine arts. Among our 60 selected artists, each year, ArtTour International Magazine selects 10 artists and presents them with the ATIM Masters Awards.

Awards and Certificates are presented to the artists in a yearly ceremony.

This year’s award ceremony will be held May 21st at Chateau St. Martin de la Garrigue, in Montagnac, France.