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attila mata

Attila Mata

Without Viewers, sculptures do not exist!

I create sculptures because it’s the Viewer who really matters to me. My goal is to catch his/her attention and to inspire thought. I would like to invite him/her to take part in the creation of the artwork using his/her imagination.

I enjoy experimenting with forms and all kinds of materials. I am interested in ancient themes e.g. sex(uality), death, gods, etc. In my artwork, the human body is reduced to geometric forms and reorganized as geometric structures. 

Attila mata

Female Torso I. (2016), 18 x 10 x 10,5 inch, stainless steel, bronze

I am also attracted to the extreme. If my theme is a god, it must be e.g. Golem with his brutal energy.

I find some modern themes exciting, too: the outer and inner surface of the form, how to use color – paint – on sculpture, design, the structure of the material, and its effect on form, combining two kinds of materials on the same artwork. During my career, I have used a lot of materials: wood, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, acrystal, in their natural and painted versions.

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