Barbara Palka Winek

Barbara Palka Winek

About The Artist

Barbara Palka Winek

Barbara Palka Winek

Master Artist Barbara Palka Winek shows a bold expression of experimental mixed media collections. Discussing raw truths about personal human reflections, as well as societal relaities Winek delivers intriguing and thought provoking works. Having worked with  figurative paintings for quite a long time, the painter has shifted into abstractions that  leave an open space for the interpretation of her works.

Barbara Palka Winek

Red Imago, 140×100

Barbara Palka Winek

“The picture becomes a discourse between the visible – named and impenetrable – mysterious, but also very capacious. This, what seems to us to be impenetrable is most often beyond our awareness. The esteem for the mystery has already disappeared in our culture. We do not even try to imagine the existence of the reality beyond the dimension of usefulness. Our consumptive civilization denies the pure spirits, existing for their own beauty and light only.”

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