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Birgit Stern

Birgit Stern (born 1970) lives in Deggendorf (Germany) and works as an artist and graphic designer. In 1992 she completed an apprenticeship as an advertising specialist with a focus on graphic design and illustration and worked as a graphic designer in various full-service advertising agencies. Since 2008 she has been running her own advertising agency “Sterndesign” ( .
Birgit Stern was honored for the artistic quality of her work with international art awards. Her pictures are shown in renowned art publications.

Birgit Stern

“Be Wild”,Oil on Canvas

“Many people have also lost access to their inner voice and in everyday stress hardly take the time for the things that they really love and that give them strength.

I am inspired by situations that show how beautiful life is. A laudator once said about my pictures: ‘It paints us a better, warmer, more beautiful world’- I find that very appropriate . The viewer of my pictures should feel some of the energy that I feel when I paint. For me, art should be positive, touching, connecting, life affirming and aesthetic. I consciously choose motifs that show everyday, beautiful situations, such as café scenes, still lifes or women who indulge in the moment, without distraction from the outside. I try to capture these special moments. I don’t want to shock, I don’t want to provoke.

I would like to ask the viewer to take time out in the hectic everyday world and to enjoy the beautiful moments of life with all their senses – meet friends in the cafe – feel the sun on their skin – do beautiful things like reading, playing music, relaxing , enjoy. Immerse yourself fully in the moment. The depicted people present themselves lost in thought, so that the viewer becomes an intimate observer of a scene. My cafe scenes and cityscapes show the coexistence and coexistence of people, always free from hectic and stress. The people depicted are not on the move or in a hurry. The faces of the models reflect joy and relaxation.

I have been dealing with spirituality for several years. Through my own spiritual development, a new world of motifs has emerged alongside these everyday motifs. I would like to express my own spiritual experiences and convey certain messages through my ‘soul images’. I also try to make the energy that I feel during meditation or in nature felt in my pictures for the viewer.”-

Birgit Stern

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Born and raised in the U.S, artist, writer, and activist, Yadira Roman embraces her passion for the arts in a broad scope of career paths. Director of the ATIM “Create4Peace” program, Roman is an advocate for the arts and creates events and opportunities to promote arts and culture to children in underprivileged areas through outreach programs.


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