Carla Kleekamp

Carla Kleekamp

About the Artist

Dutch creative activitst Carla Kleekamp exhibits a deep understanding of Eastern and Western traditional art in her delicately detailed symbolic representations of society. She has used many different means and materials to express her concerns for the environment, including aquarelles, etchings, drawings, watercolor, and engravings. 

“My work consists mainly of etchings, collages, water paintings,  and drawings. The making of these is, for me, a possibility to express my deepest feelings. In my work, the pure line remains, for me, the most important medium. Both a scholarship for a visit to Japan and lessons of a Chinese teacher have been beneficial in this aspect.

The questions about the truth of images, news, is for me, a continuous effort to express my vision in themes that concern me. Which values, of me and others, define our interpretation of reality, The human standard is based on interests, economic growth, and I try to express the consequences of these in my work. Most of the themes in my work are focused on the continuous suppression and exhaustion of nature by human beings. The effect of our overbearing economy  has daily  consequences, which we can see and feel, climate change, plastic soup, fine dust, disappearing of BioDiversity.”- 

Carla Kleekamp

Her primary focus is etchings on rice paper. Kleekamp portrays the impact of social separation through spacial elements and motifs. She addresses global economic and environmental issues to bring forth a reflection about how humankind is suppressing, abusing, and exhausting nature by exploiting it in a non-sustainable manner.Enjoy a full display of paintings by this artist in our Sacred Waters issue!


Carla Kleekamp

Document Humain

Etching /aquarelle

8” x 8”

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Born and raised in the U.S, artist, writer, and activist, Yadira Roman embraces her passion for the arts in a broad scope of career paths. Director of the ATIM “Create4Peace” program, Roman is an advocate for the arts and creates events and opportunities to promote arts and culture to children in underprivileged areas through outreach programs.


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