2020 Spring

Alison Barrows-Young (ALBY)

“I’d like my viewer to consider how much potential power we have with familial wisdom, gathered mythologies, altruistic philosophies, science, and technology. Why have we not already turned the tide of planetary destruction? The time is running out; we must move forward even if we must first recant our actions and go backward. Greed and avarice, power for the few, and survival of the moneyed must stop. We must collect ourselves and restore what we can of our beautiful planet.”- Alison Barrows-Young (ALBY)

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Cher Anderson

Cher Anderson was born in New York, raised in Mexico City, and has resided in Arizona since 1990. Aprofessional graphic designer by trade for 30 years,she is now dedicating herself to her passion for wildlife art andphotography. Throughout her career as a fine artist, Andersonhas learned from the old masters by studying their techniqueand applying it to improve her techniques. She is an avid conservation supporter and a Signature Member andAmbassador of Artists for Conservation, Vancouver, B.C. Asignificant portion of sales of her art is donated to different organizations that work with endangered species and theirpreservation.

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Kyra Belan

Kyra Belán is an award-winning artist, activist, and academic. Her art is grounded on environmental, social, and political issues, reaching a collective of crowds as her work has been used in political campaigns advocating for women’s rights. She unapologetically asserts her devotion to women’s rights through metaphorical depictions of idols that comment on violence, and female oppression. She depicts women as the compelling, independent protagonists of the story.

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Shelby Willis

With a background in ecology, Shelby Willis, brings her love for nature and wildlife to life in soulful and expressionistic paintings. Each artwork is created with the intent of exuding positive energy, and inspiring an outside of the box appreciation for nature. Shelby mainly works in acrylic and her style can be described as impressionistic, vibrant and intuitive. Although she usually has an idea of the subject matter she would like to paint Shelby finds pure creative happiness and freedom in the process of trusting her intuition to take her in the right direction with each added layer.

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Sandi Pillsbury’s Impressive Botanical View

“I paint to find balance in my life: to ‘unplug’ from all the busy-ness of life. My art-making helps me to relax and go deeper inside myself and to express my deepest emotions. I want to share the beauty and serenity I find in nature with a broader audience. I have always had a strong connection to nature. I have been blessed in my life to live in spaces that provide me with much inspiration. I like to paint ‘en Plein air’ whenever possible, as I find direct observation to be the purest form of painting.”

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Roxana Sora

Roxana Sora’s canvases burst with energetic blends of col tones dripping through into suggestive shapes, and a vibrant color palette reflecting natural elements, and wonders. Her works give viewers a veritable buffet of lines to follow and connections to make. Sora takes moments to direct the paint flow of her abstract scenes while allowing her connection to the color being the driving force of the final result. Inspired by the lively essence of towering clouds and turquoise waters where she resides in Florida, her environment plays a role as a source of inspiration and celebration.

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