ARTYA 2020

Johanna Wray

“I am concerned with how human beings are mistreating the environment. Soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish. Exotic woods are
harvested from rain-forests for consumer-driven whims. I cringe when I see someone throw a fast-food lunch bag out the window while driving! There is no reason for this! We are the only species that destroy their own home.” – Johanna Wray

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Cher Anderson

Cher Anderson was born in New York, raised in Mexico City, and has resided in Arizona since 1990. Aprofessional graphic designer by trade for 30 years,she is now dedicating herself to her passion for wildlife art andphotography. Throughout her career as a fine artist, Andersonhas learned from the old masters by studying their techniqueand applying it to improve her techniques. She is an avid conservation supporter and a Signature Member andAmbassador of Artists for Conservation, Vancouver, B.C. Asignificant portion of sales of her art is donated to different organizations that work with endangered species and theirpreservation.

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Jane Flowers

Jane Flowers draws inspiration from her regular travels around the world to capture the essence of time and place in particular environments that touch a nerve with a wide range of audiences and appeal to collectors of her artworks.

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