Summer 2020

Jeong-Ah Zhang

Korean artist Jeong-Ah Zhang majored in sculpture and painting at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea. Jeong-Ah Zhang’s works take its basis in traditional philosophies and the pursuit of unchanging truths to express contemporary expression through proven materials and practice that reflect the phases of time.

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Dagmar Wankowski

German painter Dagmar Wankowski’s euphoric abstract canvases are a vibrantly blended example of the process-led abstraction that resonates with her international audience, brimming with visceral scrawled textures and the residue of monochromatic patterns and spontaneous drawing.

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Maribel Matthews

Maribel Matthews is a Gibraltar artist, who exhibits both traditional and abstract works. She remains connected to her roots and has made a name for herself both locally and internationally. Matthews enjoys her time in travel, and promotes the rapturing beauty of her home town through soft textures and dreamy color palettes, capturing the romanticism encompassing abstraction to Impressionist and landscapes to urban views.

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Jason Bryant

”A photo, a fingerprint, a signature, and DNA are all methods we use to identify a person, but they are just a means to match a name or face to an individual, not to describe who they are or to translate their identity. For as long as I have been using portraiture as the main focus of my paintings, it is not the identity or recognizable face in which I use to describe my portraits, but more of a blueprint of how I approach portraiture. Many levels go into what makes a person’s portrait. It’s a fabric of many layers, intertwined with a person’s favorite foods, music, and movies. I have used all of these concepts in building my portraits. Stemming from my lifelong love of the cinema, many of the subjects of my paintings are actors and actresses. However, I am not commenting on the celebrity or the star system, but I use the celebrity as a hook to bring then viewer in. My work has never focused on the face to describe or examine a portrait. Instead, by cropping or hiding certain features of the face, I add more mystery to the picture, bringing us to question who we are and what’s beneath the surface.”

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