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By Tiarra Tompkins

This week marks week 2 in our 4 week series on how to sell more of your art. With more and more sales being virtual, you have to make sure that your buyers can see what your work is going to look like in their home. The scale of an art piece is very hard to determine from an image. If you are ready to take your work to the next level of sales, you have to help your customers visualize their purchase.

To begin the journey of visualization, you must have high-quality, accurate images of your art on your website. Show pictures of your work installed in homes, offices, public spaces, hospitals, etc. A variety of images showing your potential buyers the scale relative to their interiors relative will help them see how your work fits in their color schemes, furniture, and overall aesthetic they are looking for. Consider having high-quality images of your work taken with it installed in a variety of settings to give your buyers insight into how it may look inside their own home.

Technology has come a long way and there are now apps that your customers can use to see how things look in their home. From televisions to flooring, this app can map how your new couch will look in your living room. Take advantage of these opportunities to use technology to benefit the experience you are providing your customers with. Large and small art pieces can sometimes be hard to envision in the space you want them in. Take the guesswork out and provide an opportunity for them to see how it could look hanging up in their office or their studio. Knowing your work fits in the room they want it can be exactly what they need to complete their purchase.

Giving these perspectives to your clients is game-changing. Once they experience how your work will look in their space, the more likely they are to buy. The guesswork of measuring tapes and guessing are removed and instead replaced with confidence that your artwork is perfectly suited for your client’s needs. As with any business, the experience you create will do more for you than just creating an interesting and valuable product. Make sure that you are creating an unforgettable white-glove experience for your customers and they will be clients for life.

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Written by Tiarra Tompkins

For the last 15 years Tiarra had created content for leaders all over the world. From art reviews to media kids and manuscript editing, her writings help others see their gifts and encourage them to change the world with them.


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