desiree patton

Desiree Patton

About the Artist

desiree patton
Desiree Patton

Desiree by Design defines glamour and luxury; fashion history, tradition, and sophistication influenced by the duchess Style of London Fashion, with atwist of NYC edge and 60’s fashion in mind. “Vintage with a modern-day twist!” Patton combines both traditional and experimental millinery techniques to create collectible pieces.

She has a keen eye for couture details and uses the finest materials and quality finishings. Natural hand-made designs are showcased in her collection and exemplify Patton’s commitment to excellence. Unlike many fashion designers, even after nearly a decade of creating hundreds of hats, each artistic piece of Patton handcrafts is one-of-a-kind.

desiree patton

Within her custom designs, she personalizes looks that can be made to order with a virtual image session intertwined. Her image consulting brings together the need to obscure physical weakness while bringing attention to her clients’ natural beauty and attributes. Her goal is to make people look good and feel good while introducing them to their new selves.

She has featured on WECT News for an aspiring African American designer in conjunction with “Juneteenth.” The Milliners Guild also nominated her to compete in their exclusive milliner’s competition. She featured in her hometown, Wilmington Magazine, and added anew line to her collection. She calls it “CanineCouture” for the pup and “doggess” in you. Further proving her reach does not discriminate but looks to accentuate in all facets of life.

desiree patton

In 2014, the United Colors of Fashion recognized Patton achiever of the year. Her goals and aspirations are to style the duchess and own an international salon in Paris, with CocoChanel being her muse. While she continues to work and bring innovative and relevant pieces to the world.

She believes, “All lives matter, and each person that I create a piece for becomes a work of art. Regardless of color.”

Patton says, “We need to continue to learn how to live together and support and accept one another, just as we are.” Philippians 4:13. She loves to keep the journey exciting and will always add something new. So, make sure you follow her today.

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