Dr Raman Attri

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Dr Raman Attri


“Fascinated by the multitude of expressions on female faces, I attempt to depict that vibrant aura on the paper. I believe the charm on female faces brings unimaginable happiness, transformations, dreams, desires, and hopes into the lives of the people they surround and touch. Each female face in our life leaves an unforgettable memoir behind it. Some memorable faces I met down the memory lane left profound impressions on me. I have attempted to tell a visual memoir of those faces through my portraits.


When I was young, I could not afford professional art material. So, I drew portraits using everyday things like ordinary white papers, cheap pencils, and stationeries like ball pens. I wanted to create realistic expressions with fewer pencil strokes and colors.


I observe the features, expressions, and uniqueness of faces intently. Then, I decide on the tone of color. I use monotone shades to convey timeless beauty. I use duo shades of colors if a face has one or two really compelling and distinctive features. I use three color shades to draw the faces which glow and communicate a lot through the combination of lips, eyes, and cheeks. I often draw multi-color portraits of faces that captivate me with mesmerizing expressions, like daydreaming, cheerfulness, sadness, smiles, happiness, etc. I typically use the plain canvas surface to create the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead by drawing light strokes, shadows, and contours.

As much as we want to cherish, there comes the time in our overly chaotic life when the memories of our precious friendships and relationships begin to fade away. Through my portraits, I attempt to show people that it is possible to bring the artist hidden inside them to life; it is possible to draw inspiration from their everyday happenings, and it is possible to use everyday things to express their memories and impressions. I hope to inspire people to see that it is not just about creating a great ‘masterpiece’; it’s more about recreating emotions”.


Dr Raman Attri
Dr Raman Attri
Dr Raman Attri


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