elaine witten

Elaine Witten’s Impressive Sculpting

Written by Viviana Puello

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About the Artist

Elaine Witten's Impressive Sculpting
Elaine Witten

Elaine Franz Witten started creating two-dimensional art as a child when she attended classes at The Cleveland Museum of Art. She majored in art at Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut and first discovered sculpture at Columbia University, NYC. She later studied with Jane Armstrong, Fellow NSS, Manchester, VT, and at the Carving Studio, W. Rutland, VT.Witten’s bronzes have been exhibited in over one hundred thirty National and International exhibitions as well as museums and regional solo shows.  She has been awarded numerous prizes. Her work is in public as well as private collections in U.S., Canada, and in the private collection of the former King of Saudi Arabia. In 2013, Witten became a purveyor of sculpture to the U.S. State Department for use as Presidential gifts.

In New York City, Elaine Franz Witten’s sculptures have been exhibited at Park Ave. Atrium Exhibition Gallery as part of several National Sculpture Society Shows. She has also exhibited at he National Arts Club, the Salmagundi Art Club, as well as the National Association of Women Artsts Gallery, and the Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery.  As part of a power point presentation of the National Society of Women Artists, Ms. Witten’s work was shown at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Witten’s work has also been shown at the Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA.


Elaine Witten's Impressive Sculpting

“The Wild Run (Spawning Salmon)”

Bronze, Base: Champlain Black Marble

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