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frans frengen

Frans Frengen

Frans Frengen’s work is ever-evolving. Making use of his trademark technique “Fumagine.” The method makes use of the smoke patterns left behind by flame on canvas, being used at the same time with conventional painting to create a unique mixed media result.


frans frengen

‘ imitation of nature, a human right – fumagine and acrylic dots on canvas – 27.6″ x 27.6″

frans frengen

‘to eternity.’ – fumagine and acrylic dots and movable square on canvas – 27.6″x27.6″

The usage of fire as an immediate tool in creating his works is an idea that has both practical and theoretical implications. He uses an element connected with the notion of destruction to paint, shifting its original context and taming it to promote creation. The resulting images have many figurative references, most often animals, figures, and plants painted accurately, despite the unpredictable patterns that arise from the traces of smoke.

His dedication to this unique technique has led Frengen to such virtuosity on this medium that he freely creates with blending images and forms while also introducing general references like dots, squares, and brushstrokes that complement the aesthetic result of the artworks.

“At the moment my focus is on the decline of the world around us that we must pass on to our youth: the newly born beauty. I create renovated space, spaces air, tested against the reality of the canvas. I use fumagine – in nature, a plant disease with soot deposition on the leaves – aflame painting, fire, one of the dramatic of the four elements, to conflict with the reality of uplifted paint blobs, dots of paint, and edits of the canvas. I want to create togetherness, peace, a kind of commitment. My subconscious mind regularly drives figurative images through an abstract look, linking them to reality and my DNA.” – Frans Frengen

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