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Hessam Abrishami

Created with a masterful sense of color and movement, Hessam Abrishami’s figurative paintings are a celebration of the human spirit. His richly colored, lively paintings embody the best of love and romance, he has the ability to touch and inspire viewers with compositions that are both captivating and intriguing.


Abrishami’s works, which are influenced by real-life experiences (many of which have been very dramatic), fascinating his viewers due to his artistry. He produces contemporary masterpieces that contain an unusual sensitivity and that powerfully express human relationships, including those of lovers, friends, or soul mates. Exquisitely flowing, deep, inhibited brushstrokes create effects of light, movement, and space by utilizing shifts in hue and intensity to change the colors’ effect and contribute to the lifelines of his paintings.

Born in Shiraz, Iran in 1951, Hessam Abrishami was the son of middle-class parents, and he had seven brothers and sisters. It was not until he was 15 that, after encouragement from a high school teacher, Abrishami discovered both his love of art and his talent for painting. He soon became obsessed with painting. While he devoted most of his efforts to painting, he also seriously studied related types of art, including calligraphy and architecture—both of which he credits with making major contributions to the development of his work. At 17, Abrishami received his first award for painting. A year later, he won top honors in painting in a national student competition in Iran. At 19, he achieved first-place honors in the Iranian New Artists Competition. Many other national and international honors followed.

During the revolution in Iran, he collaborated with a friend on “Screams”, a book of paintings and poetry. Its powerful religious and political overtones proved unacceptable to the new Iranian government. Seeking a society free from the limitations of modern-day Iran, Abrishami emigrated from his native country. His desire to expand his knowledge led him to Italy, where he studied under Pietro Vanucci at the Accademia di Belle Arti. Abrishami eventually moved to the United States, where he currently resides.

Driven by the deeply felt values he developed during his early days in Iran and Europe, Abrishami is known for his belief in the goodness and kindness of people and the universe that surrounds him. This belief is reflected in his paintings, allowing him to connect with his audience on a deeper level and touch the hearts of many by depicting a world full of life, love, passion, and beauty.

Abrishami’s works have been exhibited worldwide, earning him great international recognition. His solo shows, which have become very popular, are sought-after opportunities for his followers to meet this accomplished artist and enjoy his works.

Abrishami currently has over 20,000 private collectors worldwide, and he has exhibited at over 100 one-man gallery shows, over 25 international exhibitions, and multiple museums. He was recently presented with the “Key to the City” of Ormond Beach, Florida, where his work is currently displayed in the Museum of Arts and Sciences. The American Liberty University, in association with California Polytechnic University in Pomona, also presented Abrishami with an Honorary Doctorate to commemorate his achievements as a fine art painter.

Vibrant colors, dynamic composition, and powerful expression work hand-in-hand with imagination and expert craftsmanship to create works with amazing depths and dimensions.



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