This written gift, tells the success story of artist, writer, journalist and activist, Viviana Puello, Editor-in-Chief and founder of ArtTour International Magazine, one of the most influential art magazines in the international market in present times. 

In these pages, Puello recounts her personal experiences, revealing secrets from her journey; sacred moments of pain, failure and the wisdom gained; lessons learned and the self-awareness that has welcomed her to shift life’s obstacles dramatically into life-changing success.

After surviving a tempestuous childhood, and a painful early adulthood Puello found herself torn between the need to follow her passion for the arts, and her worldly duties as a single mother. Deciding to make her dreams come true, she chose to follow her passion for art, a decision that would change her life and put her on the path to a very successful and fulfilling career as an artist, curator ,and writer. A life full of joy that she now shares with her loved ones.

Puello welcomes her readers to tap into the reality that dreams do come true, and our past does not define our future, emphasizing the power of intention, self-acceptance and self-love. This book is an eye-opening journey. Whatever your current circumstances or life situation, you will feel deeply connected with a story that will shed light on your own personal journey. If you are looking for inspirational real-life stories, far from sensationalism and down to the real thing, this book is for you.

"My purpose with this book is to inspire you to establish your own connection with that inner guide and source of inspiration.

During our careers as artists, engineers, architects, doctors, etc., we all go through the ins and outs of our professions, the technical and theoretical parts, and that which the educational system considers is needed for the successful development as professionals. But in no college handbook or class will you find a lesson on where to find your inspiration.

I want to share with you my journey, and what it took me to find that source of inspiration.

As we enter an era of transformation and spiritual awakening, I hope this message can bring some light into the darker moments of your life." - Viviana Puello

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Colombo-American internationally-acclaimed artist, curator, writer and activist, Viviana Puello is an arts advocate, highly recognized for her active role promoting the arts globally.  She has most recently receive the title of Honorary Member and the Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil, for her relevant contribution to fine arts and culture internationally with her work with ArtTour International Magazine and the Vivid Arts Network. 

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