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Awarded in 2018 with the Public Media Awards Of Excellence in New York, this weekly half-hour series is hosted by acclaimed art personality Viviana Puello, Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning magazine ArtTour International who is also the producer of the show.

The host engages the audience about events, headlines and inspiring stories of artists making an impact on the international art scene. Show segments include guest interviews with visual and performing artists, travel destinations around the globe and real-world advice and tips from leading experts in the art industry.

The show, developed by Alan Grimandi, Co-founder of ArtTour International Magazine, who also serves as executive producer, aims to act as a social platform to inspire acceptance and tolerance by exposing the beauty of diversity and the value of cultural exchange.


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  • Our T.V. series showcases artists from around the world to New Yorkers every week. The aim is to raise social awareness through the arts with these artists' messages of peace. If we can get the audience to focus on love and acceptance while enjoying a multi-cultural program for thirty minutes while they're getting ready for their family dinner, it is possible that we can make a difference. When you get millions of people focusing on peace, the consequence is an immense quantity of positive energy going out to all corners of the globe. That is inspiration to its maximum expression.”
    — Viviana Puello - Editor-in-Chief

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