Jeong-Ah Zhang

Jeong-Ah Zhang

About the Artist

Jeong-Ah Zhang
Jeong-Ah Zhang

Korean artist Jeong-Ah Zhang majored in sculpture and painting at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul, Korea. Jeong-Ah Zhang’s works take its basis in traditional philosophies and the pursuit of unchanging truths to express contemporary expression through proven materials and practice that reflect the phases of time.

Jeong-Ah Zhang

“A Nap” 32”x46” Acrylic on Canvas 2010

The artist finds a kind of order when looking at life, a moment when she realizes the truth, and also paradoxically, integration of all things visible and invisible.

“In the world, But beyond the world / Visible and Invisible / The order of the universe / One is all, All is one / Inward Peace / Gateless Gate / Multifaceted Phenomenon / Deconstruction of the Time and Space / Everything depends on the mind / Interaction / Right Here, Right Now / etc..”


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