Jing Zhao

About The Artist

Jing Zhao
I enjoy creating portraits or figures and landscapes in which I can find a certain beauty in a special characteristic or moods either from my daily life or a photo I took. I try to hold onto a child-like curiosity and use the artistic well-trained eye to
see the beauty from our routine life. Oil is my preferred mediums My works use the line, shape, value, color, texture, and edges of all these technical elements to create a poetic interpretation of my inner voice. These basic concepts provide the fundamental structure for my visual goal of the paintings.

When I see the subject, I try to interpret it and communicate my unique vision.
It is not my goal to merely depict the scene I see, but rather use my artistic eye to express my inner response towards what I see, depicting my emotion and mood from my personal life experience and inner spiritual world. My visual vocabulary has to do with what I initially see in the subject so that I can create my own mental image of the result of the painting. – Jing Zhao

Jing Zhao
Jing Zhao


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