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jodi decrenza

Jodi DeCrenza

I started my journey in the art world in 2018. Found my passion for painting by accident and since then, I have not been able to put my paintbrushes down.

When I’m in my studio I like to put on music, dance, and see where my hands take me. While I’m painting I’m very isolated from the outside world so I can focus. When the pandemic hit, the isolation became more intense for me and I went through some really challenging emotions! – Jodi DeCrenza

jodi decrenza

Passage, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ 

When I painted The Passage this new depth of emotions channeled through me and I felt like I had gone through a portal to the other side. It was an awaking to a Dream which is the next painting I created. This shift in my energy inspired me to paint Fall’s Dance with no restrictions.

For me, Art is an intrinsic part of my life and has the power to heal my soul always!

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Written by Jillian Malaulan


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