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John Denis

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john denis
John Denis

I have been a full-time working artist for over 25 years exhibiting in over 100 juried art shows throughout the U.S. Currently living back in Miami where I originally began the glass medium, I feel at home and renewed. My work is a reflection of the time spent in coastal regions. The relevance and infinite character of the ocean fuels my senses and imagination.

I begin my process with a block of plaster, clay, or a free form armature. I then hand carve a form from the work and layer it with glass and acrylic by heating and cooling the surface. I then break away from the form and what is left is the sculpture. I stumbled on a new approach to the medium of glass, a hybrid of glass. I wanted to scale and dimension that was not available in previous techniques. It’s the marriage between light, form, and texture.

At nine years old I was building small inventions, playing music, and writing songs. At age fifteen I joined an original band as lead singer and songwriter. We played along with a few large acts for a handful of years. In 2019 the band reunited, recorded some of the early songs which inspired me to start my solo music project. I have released several songs and will be debuted in 2021 on a compilation with a major label.

The partnering of music and sculpture has been critical in strengthening my work as a whole and has kept me fully engaged during this challenging time. I would like my work to uplift and at the same time shift viewers’ state of mind to openness, a pause of words, to take a breath and feel a little more. – John Denis

john denis

“Strata”, Glass and Acrylic, 55″ x 24″ x 24″

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