Judy Milazzo

Judy Milazzo

About the Artist

Judy Milazzo
Judy Milazzo

My work begins with an Egyptian and pre-Hispanic influence, a graffiti alphabet that rules as signs of a remote cabal in memory of the divine magic manifested in the creation of new images, it continues with the importance of mathematics, this being the only exact answer to all the questions.

I continue with doors that prevent me from going to the prohibited places, door Belem or closed window, exclusion and isolation, the outside of the helpless individual. Geometric gurus arise, which become automate life, where everything is transformed Robot Life, which dominate the routine of the human being.

When I am threatened by time, the conflict that lasts is reflected in the series Unreal Time, which is witness to everything that happens, in which the t time is a protagonist that keeps everything and disappears. And so begins  Disintegration, without finding answers, which makes me reflect on all these concerns. Going to a new stage of Perception  I discover a strong influence in graffiti, I’m lost in the Twilight zone which is noted through graphics, illustrations, and writings in a various ways to express different problems, such as the cancer of the global crisis, among the questions.

In this new stage, I capture in my canvases and sculptures the resentment of all these problems, admiring the beauty of graffiti. This contemplation leads me to a new stage, an unknown area where I realize that everything around me Is no more than an optical illusion. And finally, I come to Deception, which is; about the resentment I feel about the death of my loving parents.

Judy Milazzo

Judy Milazzo

Inception 71 x 27.55 2020

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