Karl Weiming Lu

Karl Weiming Lu

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Karl Weiming Lu
Karl Weiming Lu

In 2010, Karl Weiming Lu originated and e-published his abstract “Origin Series” Artworks, which Manifestoed the Abstract Art of Philosophy of Science with Lu’s philosophical and scientific understanding and intuition about the origin of art, life, and the universe, and painted by his unique bold and fluent ink-brush strokes. But, how can such unique abstract artworks be interpreted? Where such abstract art of science and philosophy originally came from?

So, here is the historical background and evolution of The Manifesto of Abstract Art of Science and Philosophy by Karl Weiming Lu. He has been widely regarded as a true global Renaissance man of our time who spans his life from East to West.

Karl Weiming Lu

Memory @Talking about Future AI of WWW.COM (Memory Series 1981 – 2002 – 2018), Mixed Media, 60cm x 45cm, 2018

Karl W. Lu was born in 1962, into a big intellectual and art family for generations in Hangzhou, China. He learned visual arts systematically during his school years at a class of fine arts of the Hangzhou Children’s Palace; he later also developed his interest in science and enrolled at a top class of science in a top selective high school in Hangzhou.

Although Karl Lu studied civil engineering and building design in early 1980s China, he further developed his interest in philosophy and philosophy of science, when Lu also spontaneously organized a multidiscipline students’ salon with his friends from Zhejiang University and China Academy of Art, etc. where students gathered to ponder and talk about literature, history, psychology, political economics, science, philosophy, art, design, and architecture, etc.

In 1991, Karl Lu relocated to Australia to have his postgraduate studies in philosophy and then international studies at the University of Wollongong and University of Sydney respectively; further, Lu also earned three Masters’ degrees in Art, Design, and Architecture from the University of New South Wales. During 2002-2003, he also created “Memory Series” to recall various topics of their Students Salon of the early 1980s, each painting to recall one topic, such as “Memory: Talking About Kafka’s The Castle”, “Memory: Talking About Next Generation Artificial Intelligence”, “Memory: Talking About Hegel’s Absolute Spirit”, etc. That’s why Lu always said, “All my interests in arts, philosophy, and science come together into my artworks”.

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