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Laurence Lher
Laurence Lher

French mixed-media artist Laurence Lher has always found a way to integrate her core values (wisdom, audacity, freedom, and happiness) using spacial elements, and symbolic shape imagery. She romances each canvas with soft surfaces, and warm hues using acrylics. Her abstract portrayal of natural and urban environments leaves her audience with intrigue. Often incorporating collage into her work, Lher applies isolated color choices embracing a minimalist approach to her themes.

Laurence Lher

“Graphic 2”, Acrylic painting on canvas frame , 22” x 30”

Specializing in Natural Science and Mathematics, Lher’s interplay with muted spaces and constructed geometric abstract forms delivers a celebratory metaphor for life. Carefully choosing the symbolic meaning behind certain tones and pattern structures and applying them with the collage to a visual pattern of thought processes. Her analytical, creative process is a reflection of her passion for conveying the beauty of a clear mind. “Summer Time” exhibits Lher’s playful collage imagery with an expert application of flat surfaces, sun-bright warm color tones, and deliberate choice of blocked colors. With “Graphic 2”, we are given hints of chromatic bases, and the illusion of empty space as she focuses on patterned lining structures. Lher exhibits Internationally through the year, eager to share her knowledge about the positive impacts of Mathematics, Science, and Art when married together.

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Born and raised in the U.S, artist, writer, and activist, Yadira Roman embraces her passion for the arts in a broad scope of career paths. Director of the ATIM “Create4Peace” program, Roman is an advocate for the arts and creates events and opportunities to promote arts and culture to children in underprivileged areas through outreach programs.


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