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Lize Krüger
From mixed media paintings, digital collages, and three-dimensional compositions, the art of master artist Lize Krüger feeds the imagination and opens a window through which we can see the unseen. She approaches each artwork with a childlike curiosity and a passionate need to create an experience that will remain in the viewer’s psyche.

Her works are thought-provoking and charged with emotion. Building layer upon layer, she allows space for accidental elements to appear and create an experience that stirs the soul and impresses a message. It is a journey of surprise and excitement that the artist enjoys immensely, and that starts with her own journey to the inner world.

Through her multi-layered collages, she focuses on the imaginative journey. “I am always eager to see how one image can evolve into another one. The empowered feeling of being liberated to work without restraint is invigorating.”

Combining images and digital elements seamlessly, Krüger develops each piece in great detail, finding freedom in her creative process with the possibility that comes with each new superimposed image. Effortlessly, she builds an arena for the imagination to tell its own story from her composition. Lize Krüger offers us a moment in time to dream, feel, and remember not only the power in art but the power within each of us. It is then up to us to master it.

– Lize Krüger

Lize Krüger
Lize Krüger

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