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Media Partners

Engage with ArtTour International Magazine as an official Media Partner and leverage the value of the art community to build readership and advertising revenue. We welcome the opportunity to work with your organization. Together, we make it possible for art professionals to learn, innovate, and succeed.

The ArtTour International Magazine Media Partner Program engages in barter-only relationships with qualified print and digital media outlets who offer relevant news and editorial content targeting the art industry market.

The annual ATIM Masters Awards Ceremony draws over two million online followers, attracting industry influencers and key decision-makers among artists, galleries, collectors, and art lovers in the international market. Additionally, the ATIM Masters Awards Ceremony is the biggest annual event for ArtTour International Magazine reuniting artists from over sixty countries under one roof to receive their awards.

In return for helping ArtTour International Magazine to promote our upcoming event, via sponsored content or advertising, we’re offering Media Partners in-kind benefits that may include:

All Media Partners will receive a V.I.P. Pass Code that enables them to invite subscribers and VIP guests to attend the event.

  • “ATIM Masters Awards Media Partner” designation, which will be incorporated in the printed event program and on the ArtTour International Magazine website.

  • Your organization logo and website at the Media Partners page of the printed issue ATIM where the review of the event will be announced.

  • Your organization logo and website at the Media Partners page of the ArtTour International Magazine website.

  • Your organization logo at the Media Partners clip of our video presentation of the event broadcast at the ArtTour International TV Show which airs every Thursday at 5:30 pm Est. MNNHD-SPECTRUM 1993. Broadcast also at the ATIM.TV channel; Youtube and social media to over 2.5 million followers.

  • Your recent publication or advertising flyer of your organization in the attendee registration packet or on a designated table near registration at ATIM event.

  • Two complimentary passes for credentialed media, in addition to free attendee registration at the ATIM event.

  • Social media engagement, including sharing links to content on your website.

  • Advanced access to specific ATIM event news releases

  • Also, ArtTour International Magazine will supply information and content in advance of events covering speakers, local interest, and other relevant topics.

  • In exchange for these benefits, ArtTour International Magazine seeks support from Media Partners to market our industry event including:

  • Print or online ad space to encourage event exposure, in advance of the event, at a minimum of half a page

  • Print or online ad space with sufficient space to legibly display our event information and company logo.

  • Active social media promotion

Published editorial coverage of the ATIM event (in print or online) by sharing our press release.


ArtTour International Magazine prohibits the resale of any elements provided in barter to media partners to other sponsors, advertisers, or partners without prior written consent.

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in participating in the ATIM Event Media Partner Program. We appreciate your interest and will respond to all discussions and requests!

Please contact [email protected] for more information.