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Misa Aihara

Misa Aihara

Misa Aihara  has emerged in the international art arena in recent years. Her works are timeless masterpieces full of depth and meaning. Aihara’s passion, dedication, and drive are represented in every piece. She is incredibly accomplished and is striving to discover more in her research into colors and how they influence one’s emotions. This unstoppable artist is a great source of inspiration, and her career is a testimonial to how far dedication and excellence can take an indivisual in her journey.

Misa Aihara


Misa Aihara

”I sometimes work in chaos. I ask myself ‘What does the picture mean?’ or “ Is the picture worth working for?” My brain tells me ‘Wrong color!’ or ‘Wrong place!’ I struggle to find next step to complete the work. I usually work on almost 10 works at the same time. I keep working on a painting for three days, one for weeks, one for months or sometimes one for years. I often happen to find clues to complete each work this way. I have never been desperate. I believe I will come to the goal. I enjoy the process.”


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