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Nim Stant, Go All In

Nim Stant

Go All In, the all-new bestselling book by Nim Stant delivers innovative strategies to amplify personal and professional performance dramatically.

Nim Stant, founder and CEO of Go All In TV, has released her latest book Go All In: A Formula To Accelerate Your Success. The book became an instant Amazon #1 Best Seller, topping two self-help categories upon its debut release.

Immigrating from the Third World country of Thailand, Stant’s middle-class beginnings taught her the value of hard work and determination. Her relentless pursuit of becoming a purpose-driven entrepreneur is admittedly the result of failures. Today, Stant provides mentorship for living at one’s fullest potential, utilizing her life aspirations, teaching practices, and mindfulness techniques (as a yoga professional) while conveying these life skills throughout the book.

“I wrote this book because I want everyone to know that they don’t need to be ready to go after what they want, but instead they need to commit to going all the way in to achieve their goals,” said Stant. “That’s is the most important key to success,” she added.

Nim Stant
Nim Stant

Go All In is divided distinctly into four sections: decision making, gaining clarity, finding mentors, and the need to overcommit. The author provides real-life examples and tangible takeaways for the reader to put her Go All In formula into practice. Throughout the book, Stant clearly identifies how to go beyond the comfort zone, the power of goals, why it’s important to ask for help, and the need always to expand. Each section is a combination of storytelling and thought-provoking insights.

Tamisha Harris, the show producer for MSNBC, says, “I have been inspired by the words and works of Nim Stant. Now, in Go All In, Nim shares her remarkable insights and experiences into how you can reach your full potential and take your personal success to the next level. This book is a must-read for anyone committing to positive change in their lives.”

Stant concludes the book by writing, “Remember, you will never be ready, and you will never have all of the answers. There won’t be any ‘perfect timings’ nor ‘green lights’ on when to start. There will always be obstacles and difficulties when you start, and more will appear as you go. However, keep taking action, go all in consistently and persistently. Follow through on your responsibility to leave a legacy and your footprint on this planet.”

“Go All In,” by Nim Stant, is available on Amazon for $16.95. Stant’s “Go All In TV” is available on YouTube and her “Go All In Zone Podcast” is available on Apple Podcasts.

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