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Nora Komoroczki – A Prolific Contemporary Artist from Hungary


Nora Komoroczki, also known as Mano, is a prolific contemporary artist from Hungary. Komoroczki ascribes her passion for art to her many travels. As Mano fell in love with the places she visited, her drive to enshrine them forever in canvas became stronger. She primarily works with oils, Komoroczki centers on realism exhibiting scenes that are detailed right down to the reflections of water and the sun. Her lighting is directional, and she knows how to emphasize the lighting source to enhance the visual appeal of each natural element.

“As a Hungarian artist, I traveled quite extensively and wanted to capture the moments in painting. I paint with oil on canvas all things that I like: landscape, still-life, portrait inspired by people, domestic soil, and foreign lands. My works have been exhibited in Budapest and other Hungarian cities, Stockholm, Brussels and Tel Aviv. My intention is to save the environment and pay tribute to the beauty of nature.”

“I would like to capture the beauty and wonders of nature. It penetrates my heart and a beautiful landscape fascinates me. I wish to share this natural beauty with others. We, humans, are diverse, colorful, and multifaceted. A facial expression, a wonderful pair of eyes tells us a lot. Showing them on canvas is really inspiring.”- Nora Komoroczki