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Roxana Sora

Roxana Sora


Born and raised in the U.S, artist, writer, and activist, Yadira Roman embraces her passion for the arts in a broad scope of career paths. Director of the ATIM “Create4Peace” program, Roman is an advocate for the arts and creates events and opportunities to promote arts and culture to children in underprivileged areas through outreach programs.

About the Artist

Roxana Sora

Roxana Sora’s canvases burst with energetic blends of col tones dripping through into suggestive shapes, and a vibrant color palette reflecting natural elements, and wonders. Her works give viewers a veritable buffet of lines to follow and connections to make. Sora takes moments to direct the paint flow of her abstract scenes while allowing her connection to the color being the driving force of the final result. Inspired by the lively essence of towering clouds and turquoise waters where she resides in Florida, her environment plays a role as a source of inspiration and celebration.

“Throughout my life I have always been attracted to bright, lively colors, in nature or other surroundings.  Color was such an important part of how I experienced life that as a child it was an outlet with which I expressed my emotions. ” – Roxana Sora

Roxana Sora

“El Gran Azul”

Roxana Zubia by Roxy Sora

Roxana SoraRoxana Sora

Roxana Zubía was founded and created by Roxy Sora. Stemming from a desire to translate her artistry into a new medium, this specialty clothing line was born.Every pattern, print and design you see here originated as a unique piece of art. Every poncho, scarf, tunic and shawl originated as a piece of art, making this clothing line a bridge – from canvas to collection.

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Roxana Sora



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