Skye Elizabeth James

About The Artist

“As an artist, I’ve attempt to make my mess my message!! Art, for me, is a means to create a dialog and promote awareness about issues close to my heart drawn from my compassion towards others and personal experience with mental health and domestic violence. Art practice has been a place of personal healing and gives me a voice and purpose.

I address themes that my audience can relate to. This is evident in my series “The Lonely Chairs.” I’ve worked on this series for the last three years while raising my
3 – year -old son on my journey through single parenthood. Each chair was found abandoned and created into something beautiful. Beauty in the broken is a sense of recreating oneself.

My works reflect a well-thought-out practice of abstract imagery consistent with a
contemporary approach to impressionism. I’m fascinated by concepts that push the boundaries, bold and complementary color schemes, and depths. My somewhat misplaced use of color conveys a sense of nonconformity, my mismatching nature is very intentional, and I’m mindful of creating beauty in my unconventional approach.

Influenced by Freda Kahlo and the great impressionists Renoir and Degas, my works reflect the influences of Khalid confronting yet popular imagery that boast bright color themes. My brushstrokes, use of line and form reflect the influence of impressionism.

I’m blessed to live on the coast of Australia. My backyard is the lake and the beautiful bushland. This inspires my subject matter. My work leaves space for my audience to interpret their thoughts and feelings and encourages viewers to journey with me through my creations. Light at the end of the tunnel faces amidst the branches put my audience in a connected energy between artists and viewers. This is one of my greatest joys with art practice.

I hope you enjoy my body of work, and I’ll see you on the ART side of the moon”.
Skye Elizabeth

Skye Elizabeth James
Skye Elizabeth James
Skye Elizabeth James
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