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Leroi C. Johnson – Embodies African historical tradition and raw ethnicity


Leroi C. Johnson, commonly known as just LeRoi, embodies African historical tradition and raw ethnicity
in a unique technique he dubs ‘electric primitive.’

The American artist, born and raised in Buffalo, New York, is an incredible, almost self-taught painter whose interest in painting began at an early age.

A combination of geometric patterns, abstract figurative art, bursting with poetic imagery, and culturally rich use of color, his work is rooted in expressionism. His education has been a considerable influence in his work as well as his livelihood in urban environments. Throughout his 45 years as an artist, LeRoi has tweaked and refined his style, exhibiting exploring pre-colonial and post-colonial African heritage and pan-Africanism. He fuses these elements with dazzling colors in electrical frenzies. The result is stunning visuals that accentuate his paintings’ subject and adorn the simplistic beauty of
traditional African artistry.

LeRoi has led a fruitful life touching all aspects of art, including music. Last year, he was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, honored for his role in the industry, including managing legendary artists like Rick James. LeRoi has played a role in paving the way for African Art on all ends. His efforts and creative endeavors stay true to the cultural heritage he feels connected to, highlighting the beauty in each layer of its history still very much alive today.

LeRoi’s brilliant works have been exhibited in numerous art galleries in New York and across America. His pieces speak to the heart and mind of every viewer that appreciates his creations.

Facebook: @LeRoi.Art
Instagram: @leroi.art