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Marty Jones – Capturing moments. Finding Dreamers. Illustration: Life as you perceive & interpret it.


Capturing moments. Finding Dreamers. Illustration: Life as you perceive & interpret it. I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator for over 40 years, with clients across the world. I’ve exhibited my artwork in several local and national shows; one-man exhibitions, and I have two illustrations in the permanent collection of the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas. I don’t remember a time that I didn’t draw; I began drawing “seriously” in High School and intended to become a Technical Illustrator. Lack of planning and foresight led me to a degree in Architecture, instead of an education in Art. External distractions, such as “lack of work” led me to an eight-year career in construction; further distractions, such as “lack of work” led me to a career with the City of Portland as a Building Plans Examiner, from which I ‘retired’ with a medical layoff in 1998. But the dream never died… I’ve been a freelance commercial artist and designer for over 30 years; primarily working on commission for individuals as sort of a “professional hobby” until 1998. During my college years, I exhibited my artwork in a number of non-juried shows but found little time for “serious” illustration until 1988, when a ruptured appendix and a brush with death caused me to re-evaluate my goals and priorities. I realized that my future wasn’t as predictable as it appeared; and that God has given me a talent He intended to be used for the benefit of others. I then decided it was time to get “serious” about my career as an illustrator. My body of work is fairly eclectic in its nature, and isn’t specifically geared toward one type of illustration, however, all of my illustrations are realistically-styled. My preferred media is digital painting. As of this writing, I’ve illustrated seven children’s books, 2 books for adults, created numerous illustrations for a variety of clients; including Scholastic Inc. and the Yellowstone Park Foundation. I work extensively with digital manipulation and photo enhancement; I also work with small-scale video production. In 2015 I added digital publishing to my business; publishing four titles in the first year. My retail stores can be viewed at two websites: https://society6.com/mjartscom | https://artist.com/keywords-lt-marty-jones/art-work Illustration, at its best, should reflect the nature and character of the illustrator, as well as present the story, idea or message that the author attempts to convey. Consequently, my work tends toward encouragement, or presentation of life as I would like it to be, and perhaps as I feel it was intended to be, rather than a presentation of either a moral or philosophical message. I like to ‘capture images,’ ones that move me with their character or beauty. I believe that the vast majority of people neglect to enjoy and experience the small moments of life, which often contain the greatest meanings for all of us. In general, if there is a “message” to be found in my work, it is primarily because that message is already present in the viewer, and I have had the experience of presenting it to the viewer. Website: www.mjarts.com Facebook: @mjartscom Instagram: @mjartscom


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