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The New Museum of New York Faces Scrutiny from 1 of many Art Activists Groups

With the current state of the world, now more than ever, humanity is looking to art to seek new ways to express themselves. That includes the most “flattering” kind of expression, imitation.

The New Museum in New York has already been under scrutiny for recently furloughing and laying off more than 40 employees. Now they are under fire by a copycat website that is nearly identical. Identical until you read the headlines.

The New Museum has been under public scrutiny since its inception, when employees of the organization sought to unionize due to low pay and inadequate benefits. The resistance was met with lawyers when leaders at New Museum hired a famously anti-union law firm to represent them. Despite their efforts, employees were favored in the decision, but the entire fiasco left a bad taste in the mouth of the community. Compound all of this with New Museum stating their representation of diversity and difference, their closed doors and boarded windows provided a different message to the world during protests.

So, why copy New Museum’s website? The parody website seeks to shine a light the lack of support the New Museum has shown for the Black Lives Matter movement. The New Museum Union tweeted “This could be shelter for protesters but instead it’s dystopia.” The parody website is identical, minus featured images like a police car on fire with a headline of “NO MUSEUM, NO SANCTUARY, NO JUSTICE.” And articles linked on the parody website include “Occupy City Hall” and “Fantasy World Guide to Dismantling Systemic Racism.” It also includes a guide to toppling a public statue.

One thing is for sure, the community is not happy with New Museum for their seemingly false representation of their core beliefs. With no current plans in play to open New Museum back up for art lovers, their lack of support and response to current events have left a huge impression on the public and how well they will be supported if/when they open, will be up for debate.  


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Written by Tiarra Tompkins

For the last 15 years Tiarra had created content for leaders all over the world. From art reviews to media kids and manuscript editing, her writings help others see their gifts and encourage them to change the world with them.


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