Uchenna Odukwe

Uchenna Odukwe’s Riveting Works

About the Artist

Uchenna Odukwe

Uchenna Odukwe

Uchenna Odukwe draws on the eclectic imagery, color, and by his complex eye to create an extraordinary type of abstract surrealism that is unique. Inspired by dream, myth, and dance, he plays with dreamlike images, lines, colors, and movements to create vivid paintings that spring to life with vital energy.

Swirling, curling, and dancing across the canvas, graceful lines take center stage in his works of varying abstraction. Although many of the artist’s works delve into total abstraction, many others depict elegantly simplified figures. Still, each work, conjured in dreams, expresses the artist’s deep philosophical musings and inner psychological workings.

Living and working in London, Uchenna continues to fuse his fantasy to develop an unmistakable visual lexicon.

Uchenna Odukwe

Chaos, Medium Liquid wax, and mixed media on paper 47cm x 37cm


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