Varda Breger

About The Artist

Artist and poet

Injustice, and The Quest for Peace

In my paintings, one can find wildlife in danger of extinction, Africa, and all its problems. Migrating birds are an inspiration and metaphor for peace without borders. A New painful subject is the murder of women by their spouses or a member of the family.


I use mixed media techniques, transparent and opaque, mainly on paper.
Streams of spontaneous running paint cages a blurred deer, rudely trod upon by my sole. An elephant with a broken task appears out of chaos. An abused nude body of a woman, head covered with a fig tree leaf, and a knife and fork beside her. Migrating birds are an inspiration for me, for peace without borders.

Wandering birds
north to south and back.
Season after season
millions of miles
no fuel,
no flag, no religion and
no borders.
A fraternity of feathers
caressing our planet.

– Varda Breger

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