​Artist, Curator, Writer and Activist.

Colombo-American internationally-acclaimed artist, curator, painter, writer and activist, Viviana Puello is highly recognized for her active role promoting the arts globally. She has most recently receive the title of Honorary Member and the Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil, for her relevant contribution to fine arts and culture with her work with ArtTour International Magazine and the Vivid Arts Network. Viviana is the person who supervises the content of our magazine to make sure it meets our standards. She also directs marketing strategies with the help of our publicists, marketing managers, advertisers and social media managers.

Booming with dynamic, glowing, sweating colors, Colombian-Italian painter, Viviana Puello's canvases, range from expressionistic landscapes and cityscapes to completely abstracted compositions. Irrespective of the ostensible subjects in her works, Puello deals in temperatures, movements and 1616854347222sounds arranged within grid-like geometries. Her swooping, scratching, simmering palette of warm, frenetic yellows and reds and more calming, gliding blues and cool greens give her art an edgy multi-sensorial dimension that shifts and mutates as it leaps across different parts of each canvas. The whole creates a sense of operatic build up and accelerating motion, of momentum gathering with each successive brush stroke. Explaining the intense liveliness of her imagery, Puello cites the formative nature of childhood experiences the bright colors, sounds and smells of her coastal hometown as a guiding aesthetic principle. Accordingly, her paintings invest everyday scenes (city streets, a chair, a river, and gardens) with the magical buzz of memory, of songs half-forgotten, of smells and textures amplified through the intensity of colors and shapes.

Born on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, Viviana Puello immigrated to the United States disappointed at the political situation in her country. Growing up in what she calls the most beautiful city, a bohemian town that kisses the Atlantic Ocean, art was always an essential part of her life. Puello started painting at twelve-years-old surprising everyone with her talent. Her first painting was an abstract that she called 'The Vase' and it still hangs at her uncle's house. While growing up around famous abstract painters, she always followed their path and learned from them. She found a special connection with Alejandro Obregon's use of colors and shapes. But, because she came from a strict home, going to art school was not allowed. Artists were considered bohemians and starving dreamers by the traditional society of that time. So instead, she went to the Colegio Mayor de Bolivar to study Business administration. However, her afternoons were spent studying French at the Alianza Colombo-Francesa, a place where artists gathered in her hometown. It was there she shared her passion for art and spent time learning their techniques. Before leaving to start a new life in New York City, on her last visit to the studio at Alianza, one of the art teachers gave her his best advice. 'Always be yourself, let your inspiration lead you and don't let your work be influenced by anyone else.' With that in her heart and her passion alive, she migrated to U.S. 1134053717508For the next eight years after arriving at the U.S. Puello devoted her time working as a youth minister for a local church. There she served as a worship leader and gospel songwriter. During this period her inspiration turned to landscapes, and she did work for the theater, staging, and scenery for local schools and churches. After a few years, she relocated to New York City where she found a whole new inspiration, a journey the led her to a new chapter of her life.



In New York, Viviana founded the organization Vivid Arts Network, an international art organization that serves as a platform for professional and emerging artists looking to receive international exposure. With Vivid Arts Network, Viviana’s efforts as an activist for the cause of abolishing human trafficking are directed towards helping organizations that help prevent and heal victims and creates programs for the prevention of this crippling social issue.

ArtTour International Magazine
After working with Vivid Arts Network for over ten years in 2011 Puello creates ArtTour International Magazine with her husband Alan Grimandi as the co-founder. With the help of their creative team, the first issue of the magazine was published in December 2011 and distributed to fifteen hundred readers. Today, ArtTour International Magazine has over 2 million users and is present in over 205 countries, an accomplishment that Viviana attributes to the great crew of people behind the publication and the great network of artists that take part in each issue

ATIM Web TV - Art 2 Heart
After founding ArtTour International Magazine and seeing its great success, Viviana founded the ATIM Web TV Channel where she uses her experience in journalism and communications to expose contemporary artists through the live broadcasting of events and the “Art 2 Heart” interviews she does while traveling with her team.

Puello is a certified producer of the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel where she produces and hosts the ArtTour International TV Show presenting a global platform to promote arts and culture.

Charity Work
Create 4 Peace
In 2016 Puello founded Create 4 Peace, a non-profit organization to promote world peace through cultural exchange using art to inspire love, peace, acceptance and personal responsibility by also promoting the freedom of self-expression.

Books & Publications
As a writer, Puello has flourished with numerous successful art publications like ArtTour International Magazine, ATIM Top 60 Masters and ATIM Top 60 Photographers. She has also published two books: Just Be Inspired, published in 2016 and Donatello Martello, published in 2010.

"Just Be Inspired" 2016, tells the success story of artist, writer, journalist and activist, Viviana Puello, Editor-in-Chief and founder of ArtTour International Magazine, one of the most influential art magazines in the international market in present times.

In these pages, Puello recounts her personal experiences revealing secrets from her journey, sacred moments of pain, failure and the wisdom gained, lessons learned and the self-awareness that has welcomed her to shift life’s obstacles dramatically into life-changing success.

donatello-locandina"Donatello Martello" 2010 A children book written by Viviana Puello and published in 2010 with a message of love and acceptance.

Awards & Recognition
Viviana Puello received the title of Honorary Member and the Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil in 2014, for her significant contribution to fine arts and culture with her work with ArtTour International Magazine and the Vivid Arts Network.

In 2015 Viviana Puelloreceived the Artists Visionary Award by the Vivid Arts Network artists who united together to recognized their founder.

Personal Life

After surviving a turbulent childhood, and a painful early adulthood Puello found herself torn between the need to follow her passion for the arts, and her worldly duties as a single mother after divorcing the father of her two children. Deciding to make her dreams come true, she chose to follow her passion for art, a decision that would change her life and put her on the path to a very fruitful and fulfilling career as an artist, curator, and writer. A joyful life that she shares with her children, family, and loved ones.

When asked about her passions, she has stated: "everything art is my passion, there's no difference for me, I enjoy creating as much as I like showing the works of other artists, in the end, we are one, I don't feel the boundaries." Puello's artistic expressions go from painting, sculpting to playing the guitar, the piano, and singing. During her twenties, she served as a Christian Minister and Youth Leader and recorded two music albums of Christian songs composed and written by her. She also enjoys traveling and speaks Spanish, English, and Italian fluently and can also communicate in French.

Viviana Puello is married to Alan Grimandi whom she met in Italy working as a volunteer for an art project in Ferrara in 2009. The couple shares the same vision and generous spirit and has dedicated their life to the arts and social causes. Viviana Puello has two children from a previous marriage. Her daughter Yadira has been working with her since the foundation of ArtTour International Magazine supporting her mother's vision and is now the Managing Editor of ArtTour International Magazine and director and co-founder of Create 4 Peace.

Puello's work is full of life with vibrant colors influenced by her passionate Latin background 'I'm living my dream, and it is real. Those who saw me growing up and know my passion for art now see me with different eyes. They've realized that an artist is to be respected and appreciated; our work comes from the heart and serves a purpose. I leave a piece of my soul in every painting. I'm proud to be who I am and thankful for my gift. An artist is someone who is passionate about making a difference with his or her work. An individual with the certainty of touching others through each one of her creations, a human being who has no fear of being ridiculed. A thirsty soul that is always looking for answers. A dreamer who wants to change the world. Viviana Puello