"In only three years ArtTour International Magazine broke the record of growth and reached 2 million readers and worldwide distribution.

The printed publication is now distributed nationwide in USA, Canada and over 1200 newsstands worldwide and the digital version reaches over 2 million readers in 184 countries.

Want to know how we did it? Well, I was an artist and a writer but I knew nothing about marketing, I had no idea of how to market our magazine and could not afford to hire an experienced marketing director. I devoted my time to read, research, learn, and figure out what the top 10 most successful magazines like People and Times were doing, I study many other successful publications marketing strategies and I also experimented and created new ones. I realized, there was a lot that needed to be said and learned, I implemented a new focus marketing strategy  that keep taking us from one level to the next and we keep going. And now I want to share my experience with you!

This workshop will revolutionized the way you see art marketing and will lead you to a fresh new beginning. As an artist, I made so many mistakes that kept me sometimes frustrated, sometimes stuck at the same place. Although I consider myself a very positive individual, after years of experience I realized there was a lot in need of improvement. Having a great attitude is the beginning, but if you are serious about your artistic career, you need to be in contact with the world, up to date with technology and use all the tools that are at your reach to make things happen." - Viviana Puello

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"My purpose with this book is to inspire you to establish your own connection with that inner guide and source of inspiration.

During our careers as artists, engineers, architects, doctors, etc., we all go through the ins and outs of our professions, the technical and theoretical parts, and that which the educational system considers is needed for the successful development as professionals. But in no college handbook or class will you find a lesson on where to find your inspiration.

I want to share with you my journey, and what it took me to find that source of inspiration.

As we enter an era of transformation and spiritual awakening, I hope this message can bring some light into the darker moments of your life." - Viviana Puello

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Colombo-American internationally-acclaimed artist, curator, writer and activist, Viviana Puello is an arts advocate, highly recognized for her active role promoting the arts globally.  Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious publications ArtTour International Magazine and ATIM's Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art and co-founder and director of the Vivid Arts Network. 

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