Yolanta Desjardins

Yolanta Desjardins

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Yolanta Desjardins
Yolanda Desjardins

Australian painter Yolanta Desjardins shows the exuberant hints of life through her skillful application of oils in her portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. DesJardins displays a well-versed knowledge of traditional painting styles, which brings forth realistic images that are beaming with the life of her subjects.

Yolanta Desjardins

“Louise Beck”, Oil on Canvass 30 x 36

“Nature provides all the clues for translating feelings onto a two-dimensional surface. Light illuminates everything, so my art is always a discovery of what is hidden within myself, yet wants to shine. It is discovering how light manifests in my reality. I believe the energy translated through my humble brush directly onto the canvass makes me accept who I am from this intimate translation of form. Nature is the ultimate guide and inspiration.

My evolution into the unknown is a pursuit that is the ultimate curiosity. I must follow my own instinct to discover this realm of the invisible. The visual language I have learned from the observation of Nature is dynamic, subtle, eloquent, and elegant. Like a mysterious, invisible spirit, it invites me to look carefully and discover secrets through my own visual vocabulary. I am a student of light, which always humbles me. To go deeper, I search for the spirit of the thing I am observing. This pursuit of spirit demands the truth of who I am: a delicate, humble, refined soul of an artist.“Yolanta Desjardins

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