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Looking after our environment and resisting climate change is now my mission!!!

I’m a fine arts artists deriving inspiration from the rennaissance painters and the impressionist movement.Through my artistic life I have dabbled with surrealism, abstract, you name it I’ve tried it.Why? Because I love painting and want to enjoy every aspect of it.

Since 2016 when I was noticed by the agora gallery in chelsea new york and was invited to exhibit there, I have been invited to exhibit all over europe and have received various awards for my work. I also had the good fortune to be published in the art tour international magazine on a number of ocassions. I am very grateful to viviana puello for her help and advice and hope to work with her for many years to come.

One day I saw this young swedish girl, greta thunberg, talking about climate change and was immediatedly with her. It took a child to lead the way.

I then decided that I too would endeavour to create awareness of climate change and I could do it through my art. Since that day I have been producing works depicting natural disasters and showing the deterioration of our mother earth.

“is our world rebelling against man’s follies and depredations?

Are the awesome powers of nature ‘s forces rising up in protest?

These are questions that we should ask ourselves!”

“perhaps through all our efforts, one day, it will dawn upon mankind that squandering our resources is not the answer ,and instead we will work in harmony with nature appreciating the beauty and grandeur of our world by caring for it as we should.”-maribel Matthews

Plastic Storm, Oils on canvas, 54” x 80”

Strange Spring, Acrylics on canvas, 40″ X 30″

Eric Hubbes

Fading Corals, Oils on canvas, 60″ X 40″

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Written by Romy Singh


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