ATIM Collector's Choice Award

ArtTour International Magazine is proud to present the

2021 ATIM Collector’s Choice Award Recipients.

We honor their career achievements and growth. These exceptional artists conquered the art world during the most challenging times in our history. Their talent and dedication are worthy of recognition.

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Anne D. Grandin

Francesco Ruspoli

Ric Conn

Pia Buxbom

Janice Alamanou

Wendy Yeo

Suzie Seerey-Lester

Marty Jones

“When you silence the noise around and take time to reconnect with your inner self, you open your eyes to the power within, and your true colors come out. Like a cocoon opening up to a butterfly, your magnificence emerges and your world and everything in it changes.”

Viviana Puello

Founder Of ArtTour International

Howard Harris

Kari Veastad

Henrik Saar

Armen Sarvazyan

Patricia Spoon

Jianhui Ren

Paul Hartel

Cher Anderson

Shifra Levyathan

Maribel Matthews

Wendy Cohen

Jean Jacques Porret

Evelyn Adams

Jing Zhao

Lawrence R Armstrong

Yolanta Desjardins

Sherry Farsad

Varda Breger

Luiz Guilherme Todeschi

Lize Krüger

John Nieman

Jackson Lee

Tom Ashbourne

James Fitzpatrick

Johanna Wray

Mary Morgan

Monika Bendner

Philip Noyed

Jani Jan J.

Jeong-Ah Zhang

Abhishek Tuiwala

Barbara Tyler Ahlfield

Carla Kleekamp

David Fleshman

Dr Raman K Attri

Kay Griffith

Kimberly berg

Laurence Lher

Paul Smith

Skye Elizabeth James

Jason Bryant


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