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This prestigious award is an original work of art by Viviana Puello created with 24K Italian Gold Leaf and a Natural Colombian Emerald.


ARTYA AWARDS Winning Artists Include Dale Chihuly, Lorenzo Quinn, Fabien Perez and other notable figures!

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Emerald ARTYA Awards
Emerald ARTYA Awards
Emerald ARTYA Awards
Emerald ARTYA Awards
Emerald ARTYA Awards
Emerald ARTYA Awards

Through ArtTour International, and her many initiatives, Viviana has brought together an army of artist-activists from over two hundred countries … with this extensive network of elite creators, they can create a positive impact in society through various forms of art.

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Viviana Puello continues to pursue her purpose, together with her husband and partner, Alan Grimandi, award-winning filmmaker and creative director of ArtTour International magazine. Her platform remains to become an avenue for creating a strong force based on mutual trust, respect, and a vision to amplify the voices of artists worldwide.

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Viviana Puello, is changing the future of so many gifted artists from different parts of the world by giving them an effective avenue to promote their pieces. By teaching artists how to create a successfu business, market their works, Find ways to maintaian inspiration-based career, and stay true to the message, Viviana is paving the way for them to give up their day jobs and attend their art business full-time.

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“As the winner of The Public Media Award of Excellence two years in a row, ArtTour International is the only art magazine that is consistently supportive of art activists addressing the social and environmental issues plaguing the world today”.

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The Emerald ARTYA Awards were created to celebrate artists and their work. Recipients of these awards are honored for their creative contributions to champion environmentalism, humanitarianism, and education. The work of these artists, while created with purpose, is still filled with vibrant color and imagery.

A selection of the world’s most talented artists that bring a positive change to the world come together to present their work and share their ideas and contributions to change the world for the better. Viviana Puello said, “These artists are to make a difference, not just for themselves, but for their community. And we want to celebrate their efforts while shining a light on their projects so the rest of the world can hear their message.”

The awards are given to artist-activists who contribute to solutions to societal issues while maintaining their drive for growth and creative self-expression. This year, the Emerald Artya Awards will honor artists and their contributions to environmental and social advocacies. These individuals are known as conscious creators of transformational change and healing. The EAA seeks out artists who use their art in an effort to address various social, environmental, and economic issues.

The Emerald ARTYA Award


This prestigious award is an original work of art by Viviana Puello created with 24K Italian Gold Leaf and a Natural Colombian Emerald.

The award presented to the artists is the crea.on of Emerald ARTYA Awards founder Viviana Puello. Conceptualized as “Gaia’s Eye,” it is painted with 24K Italian gold leaf and features a Colombian emerald at its center.

The EAA was established in 2017 when Viviana, as the editor-in-chief of ArtTour International Magazine, partnered with Artists for a Green Planet and Create4Peace. The collaboration between these three organizations sought to present an opportunity for artists to be part of something greater than themselves.


Featuring the most recognized artists worldwide!

EMERALD ARTYA AWARDS SPECIAL MAGAZINE ISSUE  Features the the works of world reown artists and shares their message to inspire, transform, provoke and elevate golbal consciousness.


On November 11, from four to six pm EST, ArtTour International Magazine presents the Emerald ARTYA Awards with a virtual celebration. The ceremony is broadcast on over 20 channels worldwide. Art lovers, curators, artists, and art enthusiasts to tune in every year and join the celebration.

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ArtTour International was the 2018 and 2019 winners of the Public Media Award of Excellence in New York. With over 10 million viewers worldwide and over fifteen decades in the industry, ArtTour International is every artists’ go-to platform for exposure to a global audience. The platform includes print & digital publications and an award-winning weekly TV series promoting artists on the small screen.

The magazine is distributed in print by Barnes & Noble stores. The digital format is also available on iTunes, PressReader, Magzter, Issuu.

The ArtTour International TV show is an award-winning TV series whose host is international art celebrity Viviana Puello, the Olee Public Media Awards of Excellence winner in New York. The show, which airs on MNN-HD Spectrum 1993 on Thursdays at 5:30 pm, gives life-changing exposure to artists globally ArtTour International is the only art magazine of international repute that supports art activists, addressing environmental and social issues while bringing Art to the screens of art lovers, collectors, galleries, and museums worldwide.

Viviana Puello, ATIM’s founder, and Editor-in-Chief is a passionate environmental activist and leader in the Climate Reality Project, led by former vice-president Al Gore. The New York Weekly selected Viviana as one of the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs of 2020 for her work in the art industry. She founded ARTYA awards in 2015 as a way to support artist-activists. Since then, the tradition continues to be celebrated every year in honor of art activists worldwide.

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