Johanna Wray

“I am concerned with how human beings are mistreating the environment. Soon there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish. Exotic woods are
harvested from rain-forests for consumer-driven whims. I cringe when I see someone throw a fast-food lunch bag out the window while driving! There is no reason for this! We are the only species that destroy their own home.” – Johanna Wray

Desiree Patton

About the ArtistDesiree Patton Desiree by Design defines glamour and luxury; fashion history, tradition, and sophistication influenced by the duchess Style of London Fashion, with atwist of NYC edge and 60’s fashion in mind. “Vintage with a modern-day twist!” Patton...

Christian Brandner

About the ArtistChristian Brandner Christian was born in Argentina, where he graduated from the School of Visual Arts and has shown his works in solo and group art exhibitions. He has been living in New York for the last 25 years where he developed a successful career...

Frans Frengen

Frans Frengen is one of the most genuine contemporary artists to emerge on the scene, developing a work process that is as intriguing as his artwork.

Helen Kagan’s Inspiring Arts

As a healing artist, a creator of my unique multi-dimensional concept ‘HealingArts’ I’ve been developing for 30 years, I believe that ART is a catalyst for healing individuals, society and the environment.

Kay Griffith

American abstract expressionist Kay Griffith delivers visual spectacles that entice the eyes. The thick texture within each of her oil paintings adds toward unique concepts behind her work, each large scale painting stimulates the mind and provides an interplay of emotions. Inviting her audience inside a vortex of color play. Griffith has a keen eye that captures the delicate and subtle transitions in movement, her discipline, and mindful awareness of her surroundings works as a vital tool in creating improvisational abstracts that set the tone for exis­ten­tial ques­tions.

Steve Lyons

American painter and gallerist Steve Lyons explores the freedom of “sculptural paintings.” Using a mastered impasto technique, he paints suggestive elements, drips, and figurative silhouettes, that blend together, in his abstract compositions, which feel like representations of abstract sculptures on canvas.


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